National Prison Instructional Officer Grade Forum Report

13 Mar 2017

Instructors met in Birmingham last month to review the new way of working agreement NTS 21/2014 and PSPIs Instructors toolkit.

Instructor toolkit

Produced by PSPI and launched last year at the Industrial managers’ conference, it is now in electronic form on the intranet but is not the easiest of documents to locate. The toolkit is aimed at being an aide-memoire. However, in some parts it is out of date. The forum has identified a number of errors, items which do not need to be included such as the sections on the business hub and completing Rivo.

Items that the NPIOG think should be covered include, the instructor of the year award, definitions of terms such as ad-hoc leave, emergency cover and references to NTS 21/2014


NTS 21/2014

In the opinion of the NPIOG since its publication in April 2014, many establishments have worked hard to implement it. For many this has been difficult because of regime change, staff shortages and some disagreement over the interpretation of its terms. Concerns raised by delegates included not following procedures to determine prisoner ratios, not having a more pronounced roll in hiring and firing of prisoners. The skills sets of instructors asked to cover other workshops, the lack of or the inability to deliver qualifications that are worthwhile to play a part in the rehabilitation agenda. The role played by instructors in searching and escorting of prisoners, how the 20% non- effective is applied.

Moving forward

A report of the groups’ findings, comments and proposals to amend has been presented to NOMS Employment Relations for consideration. It is hoped that this report will inform the agenda for our planned bi-monthly meetings with Prison Service Prison Industries (PSPI) colleagues.

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