New Learning Agreement with HM Prisons and Probations Service (HMPPS)

29 Aug 2017

PCS, along with other NTUS unions in HMPPS has achieved a new learning agreement with the employer.

In this time of massive change, uncertainty and job insecurity, this is a huge positive achievement for all our members and staff and re-builds a foundation for more positive changes.

The agreement has taken a long time but incorporates the value of Lifelong Learning, equal access to learning opportunities, introduction of Apprenticeship Levy and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The employer has affirmed its belief in the value of learning by stating what it will provide to Union Learning Reps (ULRs) to empower them, in terms of resources such as time and support to carry out their role. Equally, as part of this support for learning, the employer has agreed to enable staff to attend learning sessions by removing any barriers to learning wherever possible.

So, if you always wanted to do that beekeeping course, or perhaps you want to achieve a qualification that you need for promotion or join an apprenticeship scheme, this should be good news for you.

This is a live policy and will be discussed at quarterly meetings with management as part of the NTUS HR & Equality remit so if you have any feedback, positive or otherwise, on any learning and development issues in your workplace, please write to the HMPPS National Branch functional mailbox below.

PCS is also committed to training new (ULRs). If you have an interest in training to become a PCS Union Learning Rep in your workplace please contact your local PCS representative or write to our Functional Mailbox:

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