Pay Justice In MoJ - Join the pay protests on 31 August

18 Aug 2017

Payday protests planned across Ministry of Justice, Home Office and HM Revenue and Customs for 31 August against pay imposition.

Derisory pay

Richard Heaton, MoJ permanent secretary, has written to PCS to make it clear that the department had accepted the government’s pay restraint cap of 1%. Negotiations will continue to squeeze as much possible from employers but it is now absolutely clear that to all intents and purposes the 1% pay cap remains in place.

Staff working in the MoJ are some of the lowest paid workers across the civil service. All of us have suffered years of pay restraint and many of us are finding it hard to make ends meet. Enough is enough – we need to take action now to demand better pay.

The PCS aim in MoJ is not to get the best pay offer in the circumstances but to get the circumstances to get the best offer.


Scrap the cap - join the protests

This situation can’t continue. The 1% pay cap inflicted by the government is hitting public sector workers hard. Our employer is complicit in this by failing to stand up to the Treasury to demand a decent pay increase for staff. Their warm words about the contribution we make won’t pay our bills or put food on the table.

So we are asking every member join fellow MoJ staff – and our colleagues working in the Home Office and HM Revenue and Customs – in a day of pay protest on 31 August. This is your chance to show your dissatisfaction at the derisory pay award and join protests outside all workplaces at lunchtime on 31 August..

It’s essential that we keep up the pressure on public sector pay – pressure which has been growing with the PCS payday protests and the result of the general election. The lunchtime protests on 31 August will continue to grow as other departments begin to impose their 1% offers; and as we continue to build for our national ballot of PCS members in the autumn.


Power in your hands

We need as many people as possible to join these protests where arranged, to send a powerful message to the government and employer to pay up and scrap the cap.

Our fantastic victory over the government’s cuts to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, showed once again the importance of being part of a campaigning Trade Union. This government is weak and divided - particularly around the issue of public sector pay - so this is a major opportunity to show your support through public protests and help us demand that the pay cap is lifted.

Look out for details of protests taking place at your workplace. Speak to your local PCS representative about getting involved in helping to organise at protest outside your workplace on 31 August and encourage your colleagues, including those who may be in other unions, to join the protest, too.

If you aren’t yet a member of PCS – join today and get involved.

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