PCS response to the confirmation of another AEA reprocurement process

14 Mar 2019

CEO members will have now received confirmation that a new re-procurement exercise for the outsourcing of CEO work to private companies has started.

This is despite PCS making renewed demands that enforcement be retained in house and that our dedicated CEOs be allowed to provide a fully resourced and effective quality service.

One can only imagine what sort of service we could have now if the costs of previous failed outsourcing attempts and the money allocated for the proposed privatised contracts had been spent on it instead.

As the letter from Jonathan Wood made clear there is now an identified timeline for the latest exercise that goes well in to 2020. Going on previous experience, these can perhaps be regarded at best as indicative only.

As members may be aware there are several parliamentary select committee’s currently looking at the activities of private bailiffs (AEAs) and they are paying particular attention to the actions and motives around the generation of profit at the expense of the most vulnerable in society. Something that CEO’s as civil servants employed by MoJ are not susceptible to.

PCS has submitted a response to the select committees on behalf of CEO members and we await with interest the findings and outcomes of the committee’s reports.

The issue of TUPE has again been raised with the employer by the union to again flag up as previously that given private sector AEA’s are for the most part self-employed, and are expected to work from home that if and when the time eventually comes to consider TUPE there are significant concerns that it will not apply.

PCS will keep you updated on progress of the procurement and tendering process as it moves forward and will report back on the select committee findings as they are published.                                                                              

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