Protect local access to justice

13 Feb 2018

We are asking all members and their friends to sign this e action. Do it from your own IT system not work. PCS is opposed to court closures and the current consultations undertaken by government are designed to make it easier to close courts both now and in the future. 

Protect local access to justice and members' jobs by signing the petition now.

PCS is warning that the latest round of court closures will be a hammer blow for justice. The proposals to closure another 9 courts comes after the Tory government has already overseen the closure of almost 4 out of 10 of courts and tribunals since 2010.

In addition, the government is also consulting on future unspecified closures, predicated on the increased use of digital technology including virtual hearings.

These are desperate measures aimed at meeting unrealistic budget cuts which will do nothing to improve the justice system or access to justice.

Write to your MP to ask them to raise our concerns with the new Justice Secretary, asking him to order a review into the court closure programme and halt any further closures pending full discussions with the unions.

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