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National Pay Campaign 2018
The latest branch briefing in relation to the National Pay Campaign

Not two years after the coalition government failed to privatise HM Land Registry, back come the Conservatives to try again. This time the stated aim is to achieve a contribution towards deficit reduction and/or part funding of the Chancellor's infrastructure planned spending.

The consultation document also seeks to assure the reader and the public that trust, fees and impartiality would be protected under a privatised model. There is no substance behind these 'assurances' and plans have been shredded by industry experts.

PCS have now lodged our consultation response in which we expose the economic ineptitude behind the proposal and illustrate the huge risks to the housing market. No risk assessment has been carried out on the Government's preferred model. We can only draw the conclusion that they simply do not care and wish to simply transfer another public asset into private pockets. Please take the time to read our response and consider lodging your own, ideally echoing our key points.

We have stopped them before and we will do so again. There is simply too much at stake to allow government to absolve itself of the responsibility of administering what is a cornerstone of the U.K. Economy.

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