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The HM Land Registry group campaigns hard for members and works tirelessly to improve the pay, terms and conditions and job security through our negotiations with management, ministers and the government.

PCS provides these pages because they are vital for communicating to ​HM Land Registry members independently from the corporate system, who we hope will increasingly use, contribute to and enjoy this site and use it as an important resource. 

If you have any views on the website or suggestions please contact the PCS Leeds office - .

Update on Coronavirus/COVID-19

PCS is working every day to protect and represent you. Click here to get the latest NEWS and information about the coronavirus and your rights whilst working in Land Registry

So far agreement has been reached with senior managment on the following:

  • It is recognised that we have different categories of employees.
  • No one will lose out on pay – where staff cannot work, special paid leave will be sorted, retrospectively if necessary.
  • Reduced pay is not being considered.
  • Overtime is being reviewed, in light of offices being effectively closed.
  • Laptops are subject to review and priority redistribution where necessary.

Mental Health is also recognised as a key issue during these difficult times. We have been informed that our Employee Assistance Provider is geared up and ready to take referrals.

We will be regularly updating the PCS HMLR Facebook page. Please join if you are not already on it.  We want to keep as many channels open as we can, so that people can raise issues, comment on updates and keep up morale. Please always be mindful of social media policy and our duty as civil servants.


Page last updated 14 May 2020

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