National Pay Campaign 2018

10 Apr 2018

Branches should recently have received National PCS Briefing BB/24/18, “We all deserve a Pay Rise”, which sets out the activities that Branches should be undertaking as part of the national pay campaign in the run up to PCS Annual Conference 2018 on May 21-24.

Those activities are:

Payday activities:

Monday, 30 April payday protest and “big petition”


TUC Public Sector Pay Rally, London, Saturday, 12 May

This briefing is a reminder to Branches, and outlines the next planned round of payday activities as part of the national pay campaign.  It also sets out the additional key dates in the pay campaign and to aid branch planning and campaigning efforts.

This will be a major item on the agenda for the April Land Registry GEC meeting (24/25 April, Leeds), where GEC members will discuss and agree how the Group is to ensure that Branches play a full part in these upcoming events in the campaign.

We all deserve a pay rise – 5% fully funded increases for all

It is imperative that we keep up the pressure and maintain the momentum of the pay campaign.  National PCS BB/17/18 sets out the union building and organising work that we are undertaking in all branches to be ‘ballot ready’ should a statutory ballot be required.  This briefing, along with National BB/24/18, sets out the campaign activity that needs to be taking place in all branches and workplaces up and down the country.

Following the consultative ballot and the overwhelming vote from members to support the pay campaign, PCS has lodged a national pay claim and is demanding:

•   5% pay increases for all staff (with similar claims in devolved areas in Scotland and  


•   Living Wage of at least £10 per hour.

Payday activities: 30 April

Branches are urged to organise payday protests every payday.  Payday protests offer an opportunity to talk to members and non-members about the campaign, identify new advocates and recruit new members.

The next few weeks will build incrementally towards the largest protests that can be managed on Monday, 30 April.  For the 30 April demonstration we will be asking branches to stage ‘big petition’ events. 

Big petitions will be formed by gathering signatures on hard copy petitions over the next few weeks and pasting all the separate petitions on to a board or banner.  The hard copy petition is deliberately simple, calling for a 5% pay increase, ultimately aimed at the Cabinet Office Minister.  Petitions are editable so branches can add in the name of their own branch or the name of key workplaces.  Petitions should be circulated and signed by members and non-members and gathered by the branch in readiness for the pay day protests on 30 April.

A copy of the hard copy petition will be available to download from the PCS website.

To build for the big petition payday events on Monday, 30 April we are asking branches to take the following steps.

  • Ask members to wear the ‘I support the PCS pay claim’ stickers.  Stickers should now be arriving in all branches to distribution points.  Additional stocks will be available from your PCS regional office.
  • Start the process of gathering signatures on the hard copy ‘We deserve a pay rise’ petitions.  There is an editable box on the petition to add in the name of your branch or the name of key workplaces.
  • Encourage members to sign the e-petition and send messages to David Lidington,
  • Set a target for the minimum number of members you want to contact, sign the petition and encourage to take part in April 30 event.
  • Make every effort to get every member signed up to the pay petition in readiness for big petitions on Monday, 30 April – download the petition from the PCS website, add in the name of your branch or key workplaces, talk to members about signing it;
  • Use the ‘I support the PCS Pay Claim’ stickers which will have been received in branches to get all members to show their support and to show other members that they are supporting the campaign;
  • Talk to as many members and non-members as possible about the payday protest and ask them to come along to show support;
  • Send any pictures or stories to

 On Monday, 30 April

  • This is the big petition protest.
  • You should have asked every member in all your workplaces to sign the petitions supporting the PCS pay claim.
  • The petitions will show the name of your branch or workplace;
  • You will need some large boards to stick all the petitions on.  You can either source these yourselves using cardboard or seek assistance with this from your PCS regional offices;
  • The aim for the payday protest on 30 April is to get the maximum number of members outside the workplaces having a photograph taken with the petition;
  • An example of what you are aiming for is shown on the PCS website at a recent demonstration ;
  • Keep your big petitions – we want you to bring them to Conference in May.
  • We will send out more information on the big petition protests, but this is essentially what you are aiming for and planning for as part of your union building activity.

 Additional pay events

TUC march and rally, a new deal for public sector workers, Saturday, 12 May

The TUC is coordinating a mass rally of public sector workers and supporters to take place in London on Saturday, 12 May.  Details can be found on the PCS website and the TUC will

PCS aims to ensure that thousands of our members, their families and friends are in attendance. We want to make sure that the 5% pay claim is a highly visible theme in our section.  Further details about the day will be circulated shortly, but branches are asked to save the date and tell your members.


Branches are asked to take the following actions:

  • Talk to members face to face in your branch;
  • Mobilise members now to take part in payday activities and build for the biggest protests on Monday, 30 April;
  • Download the new petition ‘we deserve a 5% pay rise’, amend it to add in the name of your branch or key workplaces, and ask all members to sign it;
  • Gather the petitions together to be attached to large banners for photo opportunities on Monday, 30 April;
  • Distribute pay day activity materials directly to members;
  • Encourage members to use the pay calculator on the PCS website here:
  • Send photos and stories about payday activities and protests to
  • Show non-members the pay calculator and petition and ask them to join the union –
  • Arrange for members and activists to contact their own MPs.
  • Save the date, let members know – TUC pay rally, London, Saturday, 12 May

Finally, please see the message below from National President Janice Godrich and General Secretary Mark Serwotka:

“We would like to thank branch reps and activists for the work that is being undertaken to maintain the momentum on the pay campaign, to engage members and recruit new members to the union.  Your efforts are appreciated and we thank you for your support”.

Keep up the good work colleagues. We all deserve a pay rise!

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