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Brains of steel blog: The transactional GOV.UK, the Land Registry and the future of conveyancing

The Brains of Steel blog:


Below is a link to a Brains of Steel blog about the potential future for accessing property details via and Land Registry (LR) and Government Digital Services (GDS) 'blue sky thinking' on the self-serve digital conveyancing process.

The blog links to an LR/GDS video of a prototype system, and contains a number of screen shots.

Paul Bassett, a High Street solicitor in Loswitheal commented, "the conveyancing of home is not a one size fits all process, and Land Registry is more than a shop. Will this drive us down the American model of title insurance?"

Paul added, "Will this remove the need for face to face contact with our clients? How will the client be protected from bogus conveyancers and how will LR protect against property fraud?"

We believe that this gives an indication of LR's direction of travel, and is a serious threat to many conveyancers and other property professionals.

If you agree with our analysis, we would urge you to contact any professional bodies to which you belong, and your local MP, asking them to intercede with both LR and the government to stop any change of LR status, and to stop the mad rush to digitalise irrespective of industry wishes and concerns.

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