Commercial model: John Manthorpe submission

Earlier this week PCS made a formal submission to the consultation on the future operating model for LR. This was forwarded to members.

I am now attaching a separate submission that has been made by John Manthorpe; former Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive of Land Registry and an International Consultant on Land Registration systems. He has also written to Industry Professionals and others .

John’s message broadly compliments the points made in the PCS submission and illustrates many of the dangers for LR as a public service, if LR were to be moved from the public sector. John’s message also reinforces our view that LR must remain as a trading fund.

We know that members will find this document interesting and take heart from the fact that real experts share our view that the proposed split of Land Registry is utterly wrong and that no form of privatisation should be considered.


Microsoft Office document icon john_manthorpe_response_to_bis_consultation_on_the_land_registry.doc

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