LR business model consultation - letter to MPs/work with industry professionals

We wanted to provide you with an update on a couple of aspects of recent activity relating to the current consultation, namely, the updated e-action and the contact we have had with industry professionals.

In terms of the e-action - this is going really well and over 1500 of the original emails were sent. This led to massive interest from MPs and the media and culminated with the Westminster Hall debate and the drop in. The e-action has been updated to include a call for support of the relevant Early Day Motion. We have also written to all MPs to further express our ongoing concerns and to ask for support for our overall campaign aims. A copy of this letter is available in the downloads section of this page.

To ensure that maximum pressure is exerted on MPs, to make representations in support of our aims, it is vital that as many members as possible complete our updated e-action, reproduced here for ease of reference. If completing the e-action please do not use the LR system to do so and ensure that you are clocked out.

We have also been working closely with conveyancing industry professionals, many of whom are as concerned as PCS about what is being proposed. They have also been worried about what the unannounced TOM proposals that lie behind the privatisation considerations may mean for them, particularly in respect of the increased role for conveyancers in the registration process, which is hinted at in the public consultation document.

We have been in regular contact with a group of Conveyancers who have set up a group called ‘Save the Land Registry‘ and who have in turn been in contact with tens of thousands of their colleagues around England and Wales setting out their concerns about the ongoing consultation exercise. They have been clear that it is important for LR to remain in the Civil Service to ensure the impartiality, integrity and assurance that underpins their industry.

We have also written to many other professional bodies involved in the property industry setting out our concerns and we have commented on articles in the Law Gazette, getting the concerns set out in the PCS consultation submission out to a wider audience. See this article on Estate Agent Today for an  example of the impact that this is having.

This just illustrates some of what has been going on over recent weeks, but we hope that this gives you a flavour of what PCS is doing to get the message out there, that the best way to defend jobs, offices and LR as a vital public service is to remain in the civil service as a trading fund.


Michael Kavanagh
PCS LR Group President


PDF icon Commercial model consultation briefing for MPs

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