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PCS has teamed up with online learning experts Wranx to offer an exciting new eLearning tool for members.

Wranx is an online platform that uses the scientifically-proven 'spaced repetition' technique to help you improve your knowledge retention in a few minutes per day. Each module lasts one month and you only have to answer up to 10 questions a day, plus any re-dos.  You can download the Wranx app onto your phone (or onto any device with internet access).

Wranx makes learning easy and effective for everyone.

Why use Wranx?

  • Build your knowledge - Learn and retain information with Spaced Repetition!
  • 2-3 minutes a day - 10 daily questions is all it takes to learn
  • Anytime, anywhere - Log in on any device whenever it fits your schedule
  • Track your progress easily - Built-in performance metrics
  • Effective revision - Refresh your knowledge on topics that you have covered before, or learn something completely new!
  • It’s free to use - For all PCS members. 

At present we are offering two bite-sized learning opportunities: 

  • Raising Awareness: Mental Health
  • GCSE Maths eLearning tool - improve your maths skills

Raising Awareness: Mental Health

Work-related stress is at record levels, with stress, depression or anxiety now the greatest cause of work absence in the UK. In the civil service, mental health conditions account for 26% of all sick absence.

There remains a lot of stigma, as well as ignorance, about mental health problems, and this popular, online tool will help you become better informed about the issues which will affect 1 in 4 of us at some point during our lifetime.

This popular module offers regular, bite-sized online learning for up to 1 month. It will help you understand some common signs and symptoms of mental health issues and equip you with tools and information to promote mental health awareness.

We currently have a limited 400 spaces available so we recommend you register now. Please complete all the equality data requested, as this is required by our TUC funding partner unionlearn.

Who's it for

  • If you want to become more aware of mental health conditions - this course will provide you with some key facts and insights.
  • If you're a PCS member, or rep, who's been on one of our regional Mental Health Awareness courses this course will help reinforce some of the information you've learnt.

Further information on mental health and the workplace

Further information on a number of the topics covered by the Wranx online tool can be found in the TUC's  Mental Health and the Workplace booklet.

PCS is fighting for positive mental health in the workplace

We provide support for members, training for reps, guidance from PCS equality networks and campaign to raise awareness. Speak to your rep or regional office for more information.

GCSE Maths eLearning tool - improve your maths skills

Written in accordance with the current GCSE maths syllabus, this eLearning course is delivered in the form of 2-3 minute regular 'drills' - a series of around 10 randomised questions per day - which you access via your phone or from any other device.

Wranx uses the simple scientific idea of 'spaced repetition' techniques to improve your knowledge retention by repeating questions to instil them in your mind.

What makes Wranx different is that you will be asked a question and then shown the answer. You then have to assess how well you knew that answer, using one of six different ratings, from ‘Nailed it’ to ‘Failed it’. Wranx then schedules the question to appear again at a later date… further in the future if you were confident with that question, and sooner if you are not as strong on that topic. Wranx says that this method is scientifically proven to accelerate the learning process.

The drills are part of a module which takes one month to complete.

You can sign up to four modules (part A or B) or eight modules (parts A and B). The content for each module has been written in conjunction with Gateshead College, a college rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted.

Register online and please complete all the equality data requested, as this is required by our TUC funding partner unionlearn.

This learning tool is recommended for:

  • Civil service apprentices who are required to achieve your maths level 2 qualification as part of your apprenticeship
  • All PCS members who wish to improve their maths to GCSE level.


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