Learning Events & Apprentice Support fund - up to £300 per event (England)

PCS's union learning team (England) has launched a new events fund.  Reps can request funding for apprentice support and learning events.

Apprentice support – events and activities

Do you have apprentices in your workplace or branch?

If yes – or if you know where apprentices are working – then please get in touch with your regional learning organiser.

Many departments are breaching the Cabinet Office agreement with PCS by not inviting us to inductions, and not giving us details of new starts.

The most recent survey shows a majority of apprentices are not satisfied with their apprenticeship, so we need to find them, support them, and recruit them into PCS, as part of our campaign for high-quality, secure apprenticeships.

With another 15,000 new starts required to meet the government target of 30,000 by 2020, supporting apprentices has never been more important. 

Workplace learning events to recruit and organise

We encourage reps who are not running regular learning activities to use this opportunity to build PCS in your workplace and branch.

If your bid is successful, you can claim up to £300 for an event to spend on venue hire, refreshments, travel and subsistence, promotion/publicity and a facilitator or speaker.

All requests must be submitted to your regional learning organiser no later than 31 October. Funding is subject to availability, and to complying with funding conditions.

All events must take place between now and 20 December.

Due to our funding rules we can only pay for events in England. 

Running a learning event is a brilliant way to recruit new members, raise the profile of PCS and increase participation.  PCS learning events are attended by more non-members than any other PCS activity.

We encourage union learning reps (ULRs)  to run events that reflect the learning interests of their office, as these are the most popular and can make a real difference to employee lives.

Popular events include:

  • Supporting Mid-Life Development or Value My Skills
  • CV or report writing
  • English, maths or ICT skills
  • Personal finance and budgeting
  • Creative writing, or book club
  • Reducing Stress Through Laughter
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Menopause in the Workplace Awareness
  • Understanding Your Pension

A longer list is here.

Type of event

You can run lunchtime learning sessions, a Learning at Work day with stalls, ‘taster’ sessions or a workshop.

Our learning organisers can run ‘pop up’ learning centres with access to online learning tools.

Funding guidance

Information required

Please include the following information about the apprentice or learning activity you want to run:

  1. Date
  2. Workplace/venue
  3. Type of learning activity/event
  4. Target numbers of attendees
  5. Breakdown of funding requested.

Email your request to your regional learning organiser with the information required.


You can request funds for:

  1. Room or venue hire
  2. Food and refreshments, including lunch
  3. Promotion and publicity
  4. Speaker or facilitator (not tutor)
  5. Travel and subsistence.

The £300 maximum refers to requests which include a fee for a facilitator or speaker. 


  1. Your request must be agreed by your regional learning organiser.
  2. Your request is subject to funding availability.
  3. We are only able to fund events if you provide us with evidence of each learner who attends, i.e. a completed and signed Learning project form containing equality and diversity data.

Your regional learning organiser will be happy to discuss the process with you.

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