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PCS has expanded our partnership with online learning experts Wranx to provide six online courses on a range of popular subjects.

All courses are free to PCS members, as well as to non-members. 

We encourage all non-members to join PCS.

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Register online for up to two of the courses listed below, and start learning today.

Bitesized learning - a few minutes on your phone each day 

Once you've registered and created your account, you'll be given a daily ‘drill’ of approximately 12 randomly selected questions. 

These questions take just a few minutes to answer, and are pulled from a bank of around 50 questions which form one module.

Each module lasts one month.

You can access your Wranx account from your phone or any other device such as a tablet or PC.

Mental health and the Menopause

In the civil service, mental health conditions account for 26% of sick absence. This course helps you understand some common signs and symptoms of mental health issues and equips you with tools and information to promote mental health awareness.

The civil service has an ageing workforce. Understand what the menopause is, and increase your awareness of the potential effects of the menopause in the workplace.

Online security

Do you know how to keep your online information safe? This course aims to build confidence by providing a basic introduction to online security.  Covers malware, identity theft, cyberbullying and the importance of password protection.

English and maths

Without punctuation, meaning can be changed or lost. This fun module looks at the basic rules of punctuation needed to construct clear written communication.

Based on the current GCSE syllabus, this introductory/revision course is designed to help you build competence and confidence in oral communication, language, reading, creative writing and text analysis.

Based on the current GCSE syllabus, this introductory/revision course is designed to help improve your range of maths skills. Topics include number skills; geometry and measurements; algebra; trigonometry; statistics and probability; and fractions, decimals and percentages.

Improved memory

Wranx is a popular online platform that uses the simple, scientifically-proven technique of 'spaced repetition' to help learners increase the amount of information you recall.

Based on the evidence that the most effective way to learn and remember new knowledge is with regular, repeated exposure to small pieces of information, questions are repeated daily to instil the answers in your mind.

You will be asked a question and then shown the answer. You then have to assess how well you knew that answer, using one of six different ratings, from ‘I knew it!’ or 'I hesitated at first' through to 'I didn't know'.

Wranx then schedules the question to appear again at a later date… further in the future if you were confident with that question, and sooner if you are not as strong on that topic. 

Learning resources

To learn more about topics you may find difficult, Wranx provides additional resources, such as PDFs, PowerPoints or videos. Additional resources are also located in the Media Hub, for you to access any time you like.

Wranx makes learning easy and effective for everyone.

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