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The recent introduction of a new wave of learning courses, launched by Economy, Skills and Natural Resources (ESNR) in April has been a huge success and well represented by PCS at sessions in Llandrindod, Carmarthen, Aberystwyth and Newtown.

We promoted the WULF (Wales Union Learning Fund) Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) courses, which are open to all members of staff. Their aim is to concentrate on individuals’ learning, motivation and planning to learn.

WULF courses were advertised around the branches before Christmas, expecting the usual tepid response. This year, however, and they the courses have been enthusiastically welcomed by colleagues and management alike.

The following courses were arranged with assistance from members of the PCS Mid and West Wales branch executive committee and the accommodation teams in Llandrindod, Carmarthen and Aberystwyth:

  • Team Building – Carmarthen 13 March
  • Excel – Llandrindod 22 March and 6 April
  • Excel – Aberystwyth 28 March and 5 April
  • BSL – Carmarthen 16 March and 3 May
  • Excel – Carmarthen 15 May

All courses were well received and the Excel courses have proved the most popular, as some of the feed back shows:
‘The course tutor was patient and explained clearly what needed to be done and how to do it.’
‘I would 100% recommend this course to anyone trying to gain skills and tips with Excel as I have learnt a lot.’

 ‘The course was exactly what I was after. The course was timely and the content was an appropriate revision of everything I had forgotten about Excel! The tutor also included suitable exercises building on the basics to enable us to implement a more effective use of Excel spreadsheets.’

‘I’ve spoken to a colleague who attended the course yesterday who has said that the course was excellent and that the tutor was superb. It was said that she was one of the best tutor’s he’s ever had and she managed to make Excel exciting and also worked with people on an individual basis.’

Keep an eye out for more courses to be arranged at your local branch.

Richard Taylor-Lowen     

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