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Trade union education programme

PCS union education courses aim to support representatives in their role - whether this is recruiting new members, improving branch organisation, dealing with personal cases or negotiating with management.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of reps of all levels - from new reps to experienced reps. We also provide courses for members who want to become more active.

Upcoming courses

PCS Learning Centre course programme

PCS Learning Centre courses are for PCS members and their colleagues who want a solid introduction to using computers or who wish to brush up on their existing skills.

Members can access courses to help them with their work , to help them move on to new jobs or for their own personal development.

Our centre is most suitable for those members who live or work within travelling distance of central London.

Upcoming courses

Trade union education programme

New reps course - 3 days

This course is aimed at new reps or activists to provide a well-rounded overview of the work of the union.

The content includes a background to PCS, the roles of different reps, casework, communications, equality, green issues and more.

Representing members - 3 days

This course is designed to give reps the knowledge and skills to deal with members’ problems.

It covers procedures and resources for dealing with personal casework and basic negotiating at the workplace and branch level.

Organising course - 3 days

Practice and expand your knowledge of organising and campaigning.

Gain new skills and techniques to recruit and retain members as well as develop communications.

Union learning rep stage 1 - 5 days

This course offers union learning reps the knowledge and skills needed to promote learning activities in their workplace.

It covers procedures and resources necessary for the ULR (union learning reps) role.

All applications must be countersigned by a branch official

All regional courses are non-residential. For information on subsistence, travel costs (2nd class rail) and other, reasonable, expenses please see attached expenses form.

If you wish to apply for any of these courses please complete and return the attached application form to:

  • PCS London and south east regional office
    160 Falcon Road
    SW11 2LN
  • fax - 0207 801 2762
  • generallse@pcs.org.uk

TUEd training for branches

If your branch would like to discuss training needs for your reps or to hold a local training event, we can arrange for appropriate training to be run either locally or within your own workplace.

Our regional organisers and learning officer are available to help with this. Please, contact Amanda Oates on 020 7801 2764 or emailgenerallse@pcs.org.uk for further details.

TUC regional courses

PCS also support the wide range of TUC courses (including Health & Safety) available across the region

Application for TUC courses is now via PCS in all cases. 

It is important that we monitor all applications, and that you confirm attendance, as TUC colleges generally require the approval of your union for attendance, and PCS needs to be aware of the level of training each branch has had.

You need to submit an 'Application & Estimate of Expenses Form' for any non-PCS trade union training course. 

Reasonable Travel and Subsistence is payable for "Stage 1" courses in most cases, subject to annual budgets. Travel and subsistence will not be paid if courses are not booked via the PCS regional office. 

If you are enquiring about a "Stage 2" (or "Next Steps") course and require any '"t&s" please submit a business case (see Page 3 of application form) to your branch secretary or chair, who should then authorise the form on behalf of the branch and send it to us at generallse@pcs.org.uk.  Funds are very limited for Stage 2 trade union education, so a very strong business case must be made. 

We are unfortunately unable to provide funding for diploma or degree courses at the present time.

For more information on TUC courses please contact Amanda Oates or Zenia Squires-Jamison at generallse@pcs.org.uk or by phone on 020 7801 2764.

NB: if your TUC course start date is imminent, we advise that you provisionally book a place directly with the college in question, but please be aware that any travel & subsistence funding cannot be confirmed until PCS has received and approved your Estimate of Expenses Form. 

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PCS Learning Centre course programme

Travel and subsistance is not available for these courses:

Computer skills course - level 1

We are now taking new applications for Computer Skills Level 1 Courses commencing in March 2016

The course is held for one full day a week and will cover Microsoft 2003/2007 applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint at Level 1. 

Computer skills course - level 2

We are now taking new applications for computer skills level 2 courses commencing in March 2016.

The course is held for one full day a week and will cover Microsoft applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint at Level 2.

Applicants for level 2 should already be able to the following.

Ms Word:

  • create folders and sub folders
  • save in and retrieve files from specified folders
  • Insert page numbers, use spelling and grammar check
  • Insert header and footer

Ms Excel:

  • enter data into cells
  • Insert additional worksheets
  • Rename worksheets
  • do basic calculations and functions

Ms Powerpoint:

  • choose appropriate slide layout
  • apply designs
  • Apply animation schemes
  • apply slide transitions

Learners will achieve OCN (Open College Network) credits on completion.

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