London and south east regional committee

The London and south east regional committee is the PCS body which coordinates the activity of the union across the region as defined in Annex A of the regional constitution.

Its role is to work with the national executive committee of the union and the PCS regional centre on recruitment, organisational, educational and campaigning work.

It provides a PCS presence within the regional TUC and devolved government bodies and it works with other community based groups and institutions to which PCS is affiliated.

The full committee comprises a chairperson, 3 vice-chairpersons and 12 members and is elected anniually at the annual general meeting. All branches in the region are entitled to send delegates to the annual general meeting.

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Upcoming Regional Committee Meetings

Thursday 27 June (AGM)

London & South East Regional Committee Members

Clive Bryant, Chair

Dil Joshi, Vice-Chair

Charlie McDonald, Vice-Chair

Paulette Romain, Vice-Chair

 Sharon Leslie, PCS Regional Secretary

Committee Members

Mark Benjamin

Sarah Brown

Marcus Critchlow

Debbie Breen

Nick Doyle

Susannah Drazin

Austin Harney

Dan Ingreji

Tim Megone

Christopher Miles

Julian Sharpe

National Equality Forum Regional Representatives

Black Members’ Forum: Gordon Manickham

Disabled Members’ Forum: Susannah Drazin

Women Members Forum: Katie Leslie

Young Members’ Convenor

Abe Allen

Tamara Atieno

Network Liasons

ARMS London: Gerald Griffin

ARMS South East: Eric Shadick 

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