London ARMs (Associate and Retired Members)

ARMs London (Associate and Retired Members)

Our London ARMs region
The London ARMs region covers all London boroughs and has more than 1200 members. We are here to represent your interests and campaign for a fair deal for our members. We meet quarterly and our officers and committee are elected at our annual general meeting.

The branch ensures the voice of retired and associate members is heard throughout the union and in the wider political and pensioner movement within the region. We send delegates to the National and London Pensioners Convention (NPC) and the National ARMs Forum.

From time to time we organise social events for members and their guests. For further details of branch activities please contact the regional secretary – or one of the other ARMs committee members listed below.

Members’ meetings
We meet on the second Thursday of the month at PCS HQ at Falcon  Rd, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm  (except for August 2019 where we have organised a social day out at Fulham Palace and December 2019 where we plan a Christmas buffet at the Civil Service Club).

At our meetings we aim to cover news from PCS, and ARMs, Campaigning, news from organisations we are affiliated to, as well as matters of interest to retired people.  We also invite guest speakers.

We ask reps to remind PCS members who are about to retire and who wish to keep in touch with PCS that they can join ARMS.

We welcome both members who wish to keep in touch with PCS, as well as activists who wish to take a more active role. Following motion A47 at the 2019 ADC, retiring reps and those with  experience can join ARMS and volunteer to help serving members through tutoring, mentoring and personal case support. If you are a member why not try one of our meetings?

Our Activities
ARMS have helped working PCS members through:

  • Telephone banking to encourage members to vote in the pay ballot
  • Supporting colleagues at Ealing Tax Office.
  • Lobbying Parliament
  • Taking part in demos about the NHS

We have also taken action on matters concerning retired people e.g.: retaining the TV Licence for over 75s.
We are active in:

  • The LESE Pensioners Network of the TUC
  • The Greenwich and Bexley TUC
  • The Civil Service Pensioners Alliance
  • The National Pensioners Convention,
  •  Observers attend the annual PCS ADC.
  • We subscribe to the Greater London Pensioners Association

Your Committee
Chair: Roy Lewis DWP
Vice Chair: Peter Wood HMRC
Secretary:  Gerald Griffin HMRC
Regional Rep: Gerald Griffin HMRC
Membership Secretary: Maxine Leyland DWP
Organiser : Andy Reid HMRC VOA
Treasurer: Floretta Lewis: Estates
Marianne Busette: Stationery Office
Trevor Taylor
Ann Bryant  Met Police
Auditor: Hans Libby.

Social Activities
We aim to have an annual Christmas dinner, a buffet, and a wine tasting. And in August 2019 we are having a day out at Fulham Palace.

PCS members can continue to enjoy the benefits of membership at a reduced subscription rate as an associate and retired member. PCS associate and retired membership (ARMs) offers a voice, services and information for members of the union who have retired, been made redundant or moved on to a role where PCS doesn't operate.

The range of membership services which PCS provides for ARMs members includes:

  • Legal assistance and advice
  • Free will service
  • Professional advice service
  • Credit Union
  • Financial services
  • Helplines for legal, medical, debt, domestic violence and breast cancer advice
  • Holiday and travel club
  • Shopping discounts
  • Copies of the ARMs newsletter “Up in Arms”
  • Assistance through the PCS benevolent fund.

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