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Dear Colleague,
Please find below details of campaigns, events and activities in the London and South East region.

You are receiving this because you are either a branch officer, regional committee member or a NEC member based in our region. Please promote these events amongst your members and use them to support your workplace organising activities.

Facebook Live with Mark Serwotka and John McDonnell
Tuesday 13 March 2018: 7 – 7:45 pm

On the eve of the chancellor’s Spring Statement, our general secretary, Mark Serwotka will be joined by shadow chancellor John McDonnell to give their response. You can play your part in the event by emailing your question, including Facebook Live question in the subject line, to editor@pcs.org.uk and then heading over to our Facebook page on the night.

National demo: March against racism
Saturday 17 March 2018: Assemble at 12 noon. Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

Saturday 17 March is a global day of action marking UN anti-racism day. The rise in hate crime and increased attacks on migrants and refugees post-Brexit make it even more important this year for us to mobilise against racism. PCS is supporting the day and we’ll have the PCS samba band leading the PCS bloc. We encourage as many members as possible to come and join us.

Support ex-Carillion staff at British Museum. Bring us back in-house protest
Tuesday 20 March 2018: 12:30 – 1:30 pm. British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG
Speaker: Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary

The collapse of Carillion in January putting at threat 20,000 jobs, many providing public services, has proved right all those who argued that privatisation isn't working! It is taxpayers who have paid for the millions that go in profits to these multinationals in our public services, and it is us who has to pick up the bill when they go bust.

Five years ago staff at British Museum took action to protest against being privatised. Carillion was the company that took over now leaving them high and dry.

Since the bankruptcy was announced staff are still keeping the museum services going. But no one can guarantee their jobs, their terms and conditions or their future. New Director Hartwig Fischer has said he can’t meet staff or unions. But Councils round the country have agreed to bring services provided by Carillion back in-house to keep them running.

It is now urgent the British Museum at least meet to discuss our future. Many of our members have worked here for 20 years and the museum can’t function without them. PCS are demanding an immediate meeting with the Director and urgent talks to protect staff and to bring them back in house.

Please support us by:

  • Signing our petition
  • Joining the protest on 20 March or sending a message of support
  • Liking the campaign Facebook page

Free film screening of The acting class and Picturehouse campaign fundraiser
Friday 23 March 2018: 6:30 – 9 pm. TUC Congress House, London WC1B 3LS

Produced by Inside Film, Acting Class, the documentary explores the difficulties facing working class actors in the film, television and acting industries.

The event will also be raising funds for the inspirational Picturehouse Living Wage campaign. The campaign began in 2014 where union members at the Ritzy won a 26% pay rise and an agreement to move towards the Living Wage in 2016. The multi-national employer, Cineworld back-tracked on the agreement and refused to negotiate. The workers, who largely young workers are running an important and inspiring campaign to achieve dignity in work.

The event is free but registration is essential. To register: call 020 7467 1220 or email: lese@tuc.org.uk

Petition to make Universities UK subject to the Freedom of Information Act

Universities are rightly subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Universities UK is an organisation consisting of the heads of higher education institutions defining itself as “the voice of universities”. In doing so Universities UK functions as a public organisation (and of a public nature), and so should also be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Other similar sector-wide organisations have been so designated by this method.

Public access to decision making processes is essential to the current UCU pension dispute and beyond.

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