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Dear Colleague,
Please find below details of campaigns, events and activities in the London and South East region.

You are receiving this because you are either a branch officer, regional committee member or a NEC member based in our region. Please promote these events amongst your members and use them to support your workplace organising activities.

Vote YES for 5%
Our PCS Pay Ballot Opens on the 18 June and closes at 12 noon on the 23 July 2018. What you need to know:

  1. During the week commencing 18 June, members will receive a ballot pack from the Electoral Reform Society at the address they have registered as their ballot address. This is likely to be their home address but some members use their work address.
  2. Members should wait until the 23 June 2018, to receive their ballot paper. If it has not arrived by this date, they must request a replacement by emailing balloting@pcs.org.uk. The request must include their membership or national insurance number and the ballot address to which they wish the replacement to be sent. The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is 12 noon on Saturday 16 July 2018.
  3. New PCS members can vote in the ballot as long as their membership application form has been processed by PCS by 12 noon on Friday 13 July 2018. The easiest way to join PCS is online: pcs.org.uk/join or call our membership department on 0207 801 2670.
  4. We are asking every branch to organise pay ballot activity on Friday 29 June 2018. This need not be a photo shoot. It is more important that you get all your reps and active members to talk to members that have not yet voted on this day.
  5. Unlike our consultative ballot, members will only be able to vote by post due to industrial action legislation. You will need to explain this to members. Many think they can vote on-line.

Bite size pay strategy training
Over the past two Saturdays every PCS region has held Pay Strategy Schools for any rep or member who want to help us win our pay ballot. Feedback from the training has been universally positive.

Due to their popularity, we have developed 90 minute, bite-size sessions that can be delivered to branches. The sessions cover:

  • Our national pay strategy and how we translate this into local action plans
  • How in each branch we can play to our strengths and minimise the impact of any weaknesses
  • How we engage with those members who don’t come to meetings, and are less likely to vote
  • How we harness the energy of members currently underrepresented in our union e.g. black, disabled, women and young members
  • How we win the next generation of workers (many of whom have no previous experience of trade unions) to become the future of PCS
  • Developing a local plan that involves and maximises engagement with our members, particularly those who are less likely to vote.

If you would like this training delivered to branch, please email londonse@pcs.org.uk, with your branch name and the date, time and venue for when you would like the training to be delivered. We will try to accommodate as many requests as possible.

Share and publicise details of your pay ballot activity
We have set up a page on the PCS website to publicise pay ballot activity. If you would like to share your planned activity, email the details to londonse@pcs.org.uk

Follow the PCS London and South twitter account
The PCS London & South East region has a twitter account where we share details of trade union activity in the region. During the pay ballot, we particularly want share details of pay ballot activity and publicise activity. Follow us @PCSL_SE

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