Are you interested in representing the PCS London and South East Region on PCS’s National Equality Forums?

20 Aug 2018

The PCS London and South East Region is seeking nominations from representatives working in our region to be our representative on each of PCS’s national equality forums.

At national level, PCS has forums for black; disabled; women and LGBT (PROUD, the voice of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) members.                                                      

The aim of these forums is to support the exchange of information and experience between regions, groups and national branches on issues relating to women, black, disabled and LGBT members and to act as a resource/adviser to the National Executive Committee (NEC) on matters of policy, bargaining, organising and campaigning affecting those particular groups of members.

All groups, regions and national branches are invited to send a representative to each of the forums who should be a woman, or black or be disabled, excluding PROUD which holds its own annual elections for the Proud National Committee.  For more information on PROUD visit

Each of the forums meet three times per year and as far as possible meetings are timed to allow representatives to travel to and from the meeting in a day. Video and tele-conferencing facilities will be offered to keep time spent travelling and costs down to a minimum.

The London and South East representative to each Forum/Committee will also be co-opted to the PCS London and South East regional committee and is required to provide a report to the committee on the work of their particular forum at each of the 4 regional meetings.

Note: In relation to representation at the National Black Members’ Committee, ‘Black’ is used in the political context to apply to people who are Asian, Chinese, African, African/Caribbean, Arabic etc. i.e. people from African and Asian Diaspora, including people of dual heritage.

In order to encourage participation from traditionally under-represented activists in PCS’s decision making structures we are inviting nominations from any representative in our region that fits the required eligibility. The regional committee will decide who to nominate and to assist that process we invite nominees to submit a 200 word supporting statement using this nomination form.

Nominations and statements should be returned to LSE& by 5:00 pm on Wednesday 5 September 2018.

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