Mark Serwotka - Your tireless work is massively appreciated

In a direct message to activists, PCS’s general secretary Mark Serwotka says that the pay ballot has got off to a great start, and with all hands to the pump until the final day, we can achieve a “historic” result for the union.

With two weeks still to go, I am calling on all activists to give one final push so we can force the government to negotiate on our 10% pay claim. I want to thank you all for the hard work you’ve put in so far in getting the vote out, encouraging colleagues to join the union and conveying the huge importance of this ballot.

With this ballot we can send a clear message to the government that you will not accept being monumentality betrayed on pay. The soaring cost of living and nearly a decade of pay restraint has seen the value of your pay plummet. For the government to treat its own workers in this way is disgraceful.

We need to make sure that we speak to as many of the 125,000 members included in the ballot as possible in our efforts to get the highest turnout we can. Building on last year’s ballot result – although disappointing – we are confident that with your help we can get over the magical 50% mark.

I am aware that we are asking a lot of you, with this being the second national ballot in less than a year. The tireless work you put in during the previous ballot and the current one are massively appreciated.

There are still many ways for you and others to get involved. The PCS branch app, which allows us to systematically record and update who has voted during the ballot, has been hugely popular so please share it with as many colleagues as you can. Thanks to the improvements we’ve made, our phone-banking has been an incredibly useful way to reach out to members. In the first week of the ballot, you made an incredible 23,000 calls. Any free time you and your colleagues can spare to talk to members will go a long way.

Once again, thank you for your commitment and for all you do for PCS. I am determined to prove to this government that when workers are united they can be unstoppable. In order for us to do that we need to make sure it’s all hands to the pump; every single vote counts. With your help, we can achieve an historic result for PCS.

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