How to use iMembership

iMembership is where members and union representatives can access their records. These pages provide an overview of what’s available and how to use iMembership. There are guides for members, for branches and for group organisers.

Our programme of improvements to iMembership was completed in August 2010.  Read more on the improvements made for branches including being able to move members between workplaces.

How do I access my records?

First log in to the PCS website through the Login link at the top of any page. Once logged in there will be a new link called ‘My Membership’ on the left hand side of the page. Use this to access your records online.

My Membership, which is the gateway to our membership system (called commix), will open up in a new browser window. It will open at your own personal home page.

What will I see?

There’s a navigation panel on the left hand side of every page that gives you access to a range of sections. All members have:

  • My personal details,
  • My work details,
  • My union details,
  • Help,
  • Report It.

If you are a member of a branch committee you will have, in addition, ‘For branches’. Read more on 'For branches'.

If you are a group organiser you will have, in addition, ‘For groups’.  Read more on 'For groups'.

Within each section there is usually a range of sub-pages which are accessed through ‘tabs’ at the top of the page.

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