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  1. What’s available
  2. About the death benefit
  3. About addresses
  4. About equality information
  5. About activities
  6. About subscriptions information
  7. How to make changes.

What’s available

When you access iMembership the first page you see is your own personal home page.

Your home page displays your branch details - name, branch code - along with the name and recorded contact details of your branch secretary. It also lists any local representatives, that is, reps we have in your workplace.

All members have access to three distinct sections covering your personal details, your work details and your union details. Each section is also split into sub-sections accessed through ‘tabs’ in each section.

Your personal details section is split into four sub-pages known as tabs. These are:

  • My personal details showing
    your membership and National Insurance numbers,
    your name including preferred name,
    your contact details including ballot address and any phone numbers and email addresses.
  • My death benefit nominee,
  • My addresses,
  • My equality info.

About the death benefit

The death benefit is a benefit of membership of the union. If you die whilst a member of the union we pay a tax-free lump sum to your nominee. The amount is set in the union's rules (SR 9.22 to 9.26) and it is currently £1,663.

It is your decision who to nominate. It could be, for example, your partner, child, parent, or sibling. If you want to nominate more than one person then you will need to contact the member benefits section in the union's head office.

It is important that you keep these details up-to-date so that we can make payment as speedily as possible in the unfortunate event of your death. Let those who will look after your affairs know about the benefit.

About addresses

The one address we need for every member is the ballot address.
This is a legal requirement on the union and it is the address to which we will send formal communications such as your ballot papers in national union elections. Your ballot address can be your home address or your workplace address.

To amend your ballot address you can either:

  • make the change yourself through the ’edit these details’ button on the My addresses page.
  • contact our membership department.

(You will need to confirm in writing if you are changing your ballot address from a home to work address unless you do it yourself online. This is to comply with legislation TULR(C)1992 S24(5)).

Can I have more than one address?

Members will normally have one address - the ballot address - although additional addresses can be recorded for you, for example, to receive a specific mailing from the union.

Through 'My Membership', you can amend an address that we already have for you or you can create an additional address (we have a range of 'types' of address and you can have one of each type). If you want to delete an address (i.e. remove it as a 'type' of address) you will need to go through our membership department.

Union representatives are more likely to have more than one address, for example, to receive publicity and briefings to distribute to members, a publishable contact address to use in directories, or to receive papers for a specific committee.

All the addresses that we have recorded for you will be listed in My addresses which will show the type of address (ballot, distribution, publishable and so on).

About equality info

This tab displays the information you’ve given us on equality matters including gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality.

You can also inform us through this section of any accessibility requirements you may have.

Read more on our membership monitoring policy. UPDATE

My work details

The work details page shows who we have recoded as your employer plus some basic information on your employment including if it is full or part time, whether its fixed or temporary contract, and your pay roll number (if any).

My union details

This displays details of your branch, workplace, region and the UK parliamentary constituency of your ballot address.

This page has tabs for access to information on your activities and your subscriptions.

About activities

In the My Activities section you will find listed any union position you hold - but only if they have been recorded by us.

You cannot change or add to My Activities, these will have to be done by your branch or in a PCS office.

Contact your branch in the first instance.

About subscriptions information

In the My Subscriptions section you will find a summary of your subscriptions account showing amounts and dates, due and paid. This information is to view only and cannot be changed on-line.

These dates and amounts may not necessarily match deductions made from your salary by your employer as the records that we receive from employers and pay centres, electronically or on paper, can be some weeks and months behind the actual events.

If you are concerned, however, about payments of your subscriptions you can contact the union's membership department at any time.

Making changes

Making changes is simple.

To change any of the details in a section click on the 'Edit' button which will be on the page and you’ll be taken to the edit area for that page.

You edit direct on screen by typing over text already there or by deleting the text and then typing in the new details. Where there is a drop down menu just select an option.

When you have made your changes click on the 'Save' button. Your changes will be fed through to the main membership system, commix.

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