Bargaining lead by work area

Below are PCS bargaining leads for TP, SC&O and SO. Contact details are published under 'Contact us' for Group officers and GEC members. All reps listed are members of your elected group executive committee (GEC) which represents all PCS members employed by the Met Police. Names in ( ) are PCS local 'lead reps' for a work area.


Territorial Policing (TP)

Overall PCS lead: Steve Gainsford


Neighbourhood Policing

TP Boroughs - Safer Neighbourhood teams

Jamie Hawes & Kevin Whisker

Crime Recording & Investigation Bureau (CRIB)

Becky Mansfield

Crime Management Service / Crime Management Unit

Becky Mansfield


Pan-London Services

Road & Transport Policing Command (RTPC)

Jamie Hawes & Mo Miah Talukdar

Met Detention (DDOs)

Jane Whaley

Met Prosecutions

Donna Yates

Traffic Prosecutions - Donna Yates

Offender Management - Donna Yates

Police National Computer Bureau (PNCB) - Becky Mansfield (Iain Wilkinson)


Specialist Crime & Operations (SC&O)

Overall PCS lead: David Parrock


SC&O1 Homicide & Major Crime

Donna Yates

Coroner’s Offices

David Parrock 

SC&O3 Specialist Crime Reduction


SC&O4 Forensics

Simon Hawthorn

SC&O7 Specialist Organised & Economic Crime

Sarah Brown

SC&O8 Trident


SC&O12 ACPO & Business Support


SC&O16 Performance Improvement Unit

Steve Arnold

SC&O17 Sexual Offences Exploitation & Child Abuse

Donna Yates

SC&O19 Firearms

Donna Yates

SC&O20 Taskforce (Air Support, Mounted, Dogs, Marine etc)

Kevin Whisker & Jamie Hawes

SC&O21 Crime Academy

Steve Arnold (lead), Eugene Smith

SC&O22 Public Order

Jamie Hawes (Elaine Clement)

SC&O33 Foreign National Offenders

Sarah Brown

SC&O35 Covert Intelligence

Sarah Brown

SC&O36 Met Intelligence

Sarah Brown (Gary Pepe)

SC&037 MetCC

Steve Arnold (lead) & Simon Hawthorn

SC&O39 - Covert Governance & Intelligence Compliance

Sarah Brown

Specialist Operations (SO)

Overall PCS lead: Sarah Brown

Security & Protection

Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP)

Specialist Protection - Steve Arnold (Georgina Harvey)

Royalty Protection - Steve Arnold (Georgina Harvey)


Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection (PaDP)

Parliamentary - Jane Whaley (lead) & Saikou Jaiteh (Kirk Porter)

Diplomatic - Jane Whaley 

Aviation Security


Protective Security Operations

TBC (Warren Elliott)

National Co-ordination

SO15 Counter-Terrorism

Becky Mansfield (Simon Shaw)

National Counter-Terrorism Policing Functions Command (NCTPFC)*

Sarah Brown

National Counter-Terrorism Policing Headquarters (NCTPHQ)*

Sarah Brown

*NCTPFC and NCTPHQ come under the 'umbrella' of SO15

PCS Met Trade Union Side (Met-TUS)

Val Harris & Kevin Denman

Last updated: 3 March 2016

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