Election Statements for North East London branch elections

12 Feb 2019

The election addresses for the East area seat on your branch executive are below.

The election addresses are reproduced exactly as submitted by the candidates without alterations. The layout may have altered to ensure a consistent and fair approach for all candidates. 

Anthony Chrysostomou

I would like to be considered for lead rep in the East Area as I passionately want to help and support our members.  I believe lack of communication and support is one of our biggest issues and I aim to improve that by encouraging open discussions about how PCS work and what we can do to improve as fair treatment and equality in the workplace is paramount.

I was instrumental in the shift pattern change in Dagenham for the pcso’s which was implemented to our satisfaction, I listened to members concerns, and represented their best interests. Honesty and integrity is paramount when representing members, as well as regular communication and resilience. 

I have made myself available to the members 24/7 since being elected, and help with any issues they have whenever I can. I obtained the new permanent PCS office in Dagenham police station through effective communication with the EA management and intend building up good working relationships to ensure effective representation for our members. 

There appears to be a disconnect with the union and its members in our sector from feedback and talking to other members, I want to change that.  I want to switch members back on to the vitally important role the union plays in their lives and the good results and positive role it plays in members work lives, fighting for their right to a positive work life balance, and positive working environment.

Vikki Perry

Dear members, I have been the current Lead Rep for East Area since its inception.

I have always done my upmost to provide support where it has been requested by yourselves and have positive results.

I have been dealing with the Data breech recently and I am awaiting the outcome of external investigations. I know many of you were affected by this and want to know where you stand but it is awaiting these results that will provide the basis for the decision of where we go next. I have sought advice from the GEC Vice President on the stance we have taken so far and will continue to do so once the results are known.

My main focus in being your lead rep has always been to seek the best outcome for you the members in any situations that you have brought to my attention and if needs be I have taken matters directly to senior management as required. I attend regular meetings the BCU commander as well as health and safety meetings for the BCU. I hope that I can count on your support in future to continue these roles and provide assistance where you need it in the times to come.

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