How we're run

The Met Police Group has its own democratic structure. 

Group executive committee

The main policy making body is the group executive committee (GEC).

The GEC is made up of representatives from all grades and bands. There are 22 seats including:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Organiser
  • Treasurer
  • Seven assistant group secretaries (AGSs) 
  • 11 GEC members.

The GEC is also supported by a network of 12 branches based on geographic location.

Branch executive committee (BEC)

The branch executive is directly responsible for local members.

We strive for a representative in every workplace.

Elections are held every February or March for local branches. The GEC is also elected each year in May. All members vote for all seats in an individual postal ballot.

There is an annual group conference and branches are entitled to send delegates.

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