Campaigning in the Midlands

The regional office will lend support to branch and group campaigns, and take a lead on delivering national campaigns in the Midlands.

Office Closures
Dying to Work Campaign
Britain Needs a Pay Rise
Anti Racism, Anti Fascism

Office Closures

As at July 2017, the region is involved in supporting campaigns against workplace closures in the MOJ, DWP and HMRC.

There are significant campaigns taking place against the following closures:

  • Annesley DWP A public meeting was held with vast media coverage and local MP Gloria De Piero spoke. Ashfield District council will be debating the closure during the week commencing 17 July 2017. 
  • Wolverhampton HMRC Following a street petition that has attracted over a thousand signatures, a meeting with council leaders and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce  resulted in a press release being issued against the closure.  These organisations are now going to lobby the newly elected Mayor of the West Midlands Combined authority, Andy Street, to gain his support to put even more pressure on the government to reverse its closure plans under the Build Our Future programme.
  • MOJ Bennett House in Stoke PCS members working in Bennett House have come together to oppose the office closure.  MOJ has barred local MP, Gareth Snell, from speaking to members on site, and this has led to an intervention in parliament by the MP. Additionally he has written to the Secretary of State tabling his objection to any proposed closure and a press release has also been issued.

The common theme between these three campaigns is not just that they are about fighting closure, it is that all activities have begun with members taking matters into their hands. The regional office also supports campaigns from town and city groups along with local Trades Councils. We are working with the Telford and Shrewsbury Trades Council on a day of action against public sector job cuts and this will involve other public sector unions.

Dying to Work Campaign

The Midlands TUC are working with the Dying to Work Campaign to ensure that employees diagnosed with terminal illness are offered more protection.  Under the 2010 Equality Act employers are able to dismiss a terminally ill employee if they fail a capability assessment with ‘reasonable adjustments’.

Britain Needs a Pay Rise

Since the General Election, Theresa May has come under pressure from her own Ministers to increase the current pay cap on public sector pay.   In order to maintain pressure on the Government, the Midlands TUC is looking to lobby the following constituencies:

  • Stoke South (Jack Brereton MP) - 16 September 2017
  • Telford (Lucy Allen MP) - 14 October 2017
  • Northampton North (Michael Ellis MP) - 21 October 2017
  • Northampton South (Andrew Lewer MP) - 21 October 2017

If you are interested in getting involved or need more information email


We are pro-active in working with anti racist and anti facscist organisations across the region, promoting events and counter rallies against far right groups.

Please contact the Midlands regional office about any campaigning your branch, workplace, or local community is involved in so that we can offer support.

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