PCS Midlands team

Paul Barnsley, national officer

Kathy Prendiville, industrial officer

Tony Conway, industrial officer

Trudy Allen, industrial officer

Paul Martin, industrial officer

Andrew Lloyd, regional secretary

Mark Robinson, regional learning organiser 

Christine Peduzzi, operations manager

Paul Hawkins, digital communications assistant

Diane Shepherd, organising officer

Jean Cooper, organising officer

Laura Bee, organising officer

Agnieszka Grulkowska, organising officer

James Shaw, organising officer

Email Contacts

Midsbargaining@pcs.org.uk – for bargaining areas/Groups and membership enquiries:

Department for Transport (DfT), Ministry of Justice (MoJ) - (including Prison Service (NOMS), Aviation, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Department for Education (DfE)

Midsregion@pcs.org.uk – for Regional Committee, Trade Union Education (TUEd) to include applications and expenses, Media/Campaigning

Midsconference@pcs.org.uk - For ALL Group related conference enquiries and submission of forms – to include annual reports, group conference nominations, acceptances of nomination and election addresses.


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