Regional Committee

Midlands Regional Committee 2019 - 2020

Chairs: Peter Jackson & Sian Ruddick

Vice chairs: Martyn Collins & Nick Parker 

Ordinary members:

  1. Zahara Mahmood
  2. John Gleeson
  3. Tracey Abrahams
  4. Viv Perkins
  5. April Berry
  6. Chris Willars
  7. Jon Paul Rosser
  8. Liat Norris
  9. Jill Elks
  10. David Roan
  11. Richard Sambrook

Town Committee Repsonsibilities

  • Birmingham - Zahara Mahmood - Tracy Abrahams - John Gleeson
  • Coventry - Jon Paul Rosser
  • Leicester - Chris Willars - Alex Morgan
  • Nottingham - Viv Perkins - April Berry
  • Northampton - Jill Elks - David Roan
  • Wolverhampton - Richard Sambrook
  • Stoke - Liat Norris

Motions - Outcome of 2017 Motions

Motion 1 - (Submitted by: Central Valuation, 200141) - Withdrawn

That this Annual General Meeting is aware that PCS Training Courses held in the Region are under subscribed and are being cancelled. Whilst acknowledging that this is not unique to the Midlands Region could the sharing arrangement with Unite be extended to accommodate PCS members on their courses at South Birmingham College.           

Motion 2 - (Submitted by: DWP North Nottingham, 047047) - Carried Unanimously (Mover:  John Freeman / Seconded: Formally)

This AGM welcomes the carrying of motion A at PCS ADC and motion A 70 at DWP Group Conference which call on the National Union and Groups to renew campaigning on office closures in Government Offices.  We instruct the Regional Committee to work closely with Branches facing closures and incorporate the following into formulating a Regional Campaign Plan

● Work closely with the Regional TUC

●Work closely with Regional MPS and local politicians

● Involve campaigning groups within Midlands Region

●Develop a co ordinated media strategy which highlights the effect of closures on local economies and communities

●Organise regular meetings of Branch Representatives of all Branches who are facing closures to co ordinate the campaign"                                                                       

Emergency Motion 1 (Submitted by CPS East Midlands, 00143) - Janice Godrich referred back to Group to take forward

To support branches to make ID for all members of staff compulsory. With the current UK Threat Level as Severe we must take practical move towards ensuring the safety of our members.

It is why we ask to support all PCS bodies in our region to act to petition the management to ensure all staff members are issues with ID so that members can both prove they have access right to Civil Service site that they are not based and feel empowered to question others if they are unsure as to their access rights.

This is needed as it can be incongruent to request ID from an unknown person for ID if they themselves are not issued it.

We ask that the TUC lobbies management to ensure that all staff are issued IDs instead of letting it be a matter what department you work for and within that making it a regional issue if staff need IDs or not.

Emergency Motion 2 – (Submitted by CPS East Midlands, 00143) - Andrew Lloyd to raise with Equalities Dept as a national issue

Moves to assist in organising of branches across our region to increase representation of Muslim members in gaining access to smarter working within the period of Ramadan.  As we know the ability to gain annual leave can be difficult bases depending what time of year Ramadan falls and number of staff in any office whom observe it.  This compounded with length of daily fasts that this year are 18,5 hour a day with no food, water and the disruption to sleeping patterns that are cause by having to eat and hydrate for a day when the fasting period has ended and a new one is to begin.  By increasing access to the ability to work from home we hope to aliviate some of the stresses that can be caused in the work place as opposed to home.  This can include travel time, smell of food, drink and discussions regarding such matters within the period.

We ask that with support of the PCS equality networks that where remote working is promoted to members as to educate them on the availability of such schemes and that they can be asked for in these situations and that management is made aware of religious and cultural holidays as to be more sympathetic to the needs of our members.             


2018 Midlands Regional Committee AGM - Change of Date

Will now be held at Leicester Secular Hall on 3 July between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.   

Deadline for receipt of the following has now been extended until Thursday 21 June 2018.

Nominations for Regional Committee AGM

Notification of Delegate


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