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New DE&S Performance Management guidance issued

09 Aug 2017

The group has developed a new performance management tool kit for members in Defence Equipment and Support who are concerned about their moderation outcome from the performance management system.

This guidance will help members and reps challenge the outcome and raise grievances if necessary where members believe they have been unfairly treated.

Support for members will be available from their local branch.

DE&S Performance Management Toolkit

MoD Pay Award 2017 (excluding DE&S and Trading Funds)

27 Jul 2017

The unions have been engaged with the Department over pay for a number of months. The finalising of the pay award was delayed because the election took the department by surprise and then government entered the purdah period. The election result cast uncertainty over the future of austerity and the public sector pay cap: it is clear that austerity and pay restraint is not only unpopular with the public but also within the Conservative cabinet too. However, at the moment the Chancellor is holding the line and this has ensured that for 2017, at least, the public sector pay cap remains in place.

The unions pressed the department to break out of their adherence to the Treasury’s diktat but they felt unable to do so. Nevertheless the unions have sought the full utilisation of the 1% of the pay bill and argued convincingly that all staff should receive at least an element of consolidated pay this year.

Members endorse MoD in-year reward proposals

20 Mar 2017

At the close of our ballot on the proposal to introduce a new In-year reward scheme from April 2017, members had voted by a significant majority (76%) to accept the proposed scheme.

We will now be working with the department to ensure that all the safeguards built into the scheme to ensure fairness are fully enacted, as well as monitoring take-up by TLB to ensure that all the money allocated will be spent and that the money will not run out before the year end.

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