Handling members problems with non-receipt of Civil Service pensions 

Delays in Civil Service pensions

Since the transfer of the payment of Civil Service pensions from Capita to MyCSP a number of members have contacted PCS and ARMs regarding the non-payment of their civil service pensions and related ‘lump sum’.

Furthermore members seeking to make contact with MyCSP were facing very long delays when trying to contact the MyCSP Helpline. This Briefing provides you with guidance on how you can now assist members with these problems.

PCS recently met with the Chief Executive Officer of MyCSP to raise concerns about the problems members are experiencing and to find a way to ensure that members who are facing problems with non-payment of their pension can have the matter addressed urgently.

PCS also represents the staff who work in MyCSP and who have inherited a large backlog of work which they are making strenuous efforts to reduce and eliminate.

As a result of our discussions we have agreed a route via which PCS Representatives can make direct contact with MyCSP regarding individual member’s problems with non-receipt of their civil service pension.

Arrangements for dealing with problems

Where payment has been delayed for less than 3 months contact should be made with the relevant MyCSP Service Delivery Manager responsible for the last employing Department for which the member worked.

In addition a pro-forma below which should be completed and sent to the relevant Service Delivery Manager along with a request that receipt be acknowledged.

You may also wish to make telephone contact if you believe the matter is urgent and you should stress that in the ‘Further Information’ section of the pro-forma.

Where delays of longer than 3 months are involved then the pro-forma below should be completed and sent to Lancaster is the MyCSP Business Office Manager based at the main MyCSP processing site in Liverpool – his direct telephone number is 01903 760059.

The completed pro-forma should also be copied to the relevant Service Delivery Manager.


There may be cases where individuals have suffered financial loss due to the delay in paying their pensions. In such cases details of the loss suffered and coppies of associated evidence should be sent to MyCSP via the relevant Service Delivery Manager. 


As these arrangements are new we will need to monitor how they are working and I will ask Regional Secretaries for a progress report at the end of March 2015.

Updated 24 Jan 2017

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