New PCS workshop helps reps challenge racism and intolerance

PCS is launching a new training course to support members who want to actively oppose racism and other forms of intolerance.

There has been a disturbing resurgence – often under the guise of ‘free speech’ – of overt racism, homophobia, misogyny and other hate speech and crime. These worrying developments can be heightened by ‘populist’ politicians and commentators who believe that playing on ignorance and stoking fear and division can bring them electoral success.

Unfortunately, the workplaces in which PCS represents staff are not immune from the trend of scapegoating the most vulnerable in society. Trades unions have a central role to play in defending our communities, tackling discrimination and campaigning for fairness and equality.

Our union’s new one-day ‘Racism and intolerance: changing attitudes in the workplace’ workshop utilises materials developed by the TUC and anti-racism organisations to help build the confidence of reps and members in challenging far-right ideas.

There will be a focus on helping people tackle difficult conversations as well as practical campaigning tips. This will include familiarising members with the signs of how the ‘far-right’ infiltrate and organise in workplaces, and also how we can work with other community groups to combat this threat.

Organise a workshop

PCS can deliver this training to reps and interested members on a regional basis or in key workplaces where there is sufficient demand.

Contact your local PCS Region or email to discuss it with a PCS organising officer.

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