1 October 2021

COP26 summit and PCS

PCS rep Bridget explains why, ahead of the UN Climate Change summit in Glasgow (COP26), our union must be involved in the fight for climate justice

Climate activist Greta Thurnberg said: “Climate justice is social justice,” and PCS must be involved in the fight for climate justice as we are embedded in the fight for social justice.

The multiple crises we face are not going to be solved with more exploitation of people and the planet.

During the pandemic, UK billionaire wealth grew 35%, UK foodbank use grew 33% – this confirms what we know – this is a government presiding over and extending already existing inequalities in our society. 

In PCS, we know, and our members know, that this government does not value people and the planet – it prefers quick profit, short-sighted thinking, and bombastic sloganeering.

At this time of ultimate global crisis, we need governments with principles, ethics, and action to confront the climate crisis and to implement a radical workers-led justice transition. Local and global justice must be at the heart of this transition, through people-owned decentralised energy systems, expansion of care services, locally sourced food and green affordable housing and public housing.

It can be done; but we will have to fight to make it happen. We will have to fight like never before. Unions are important in this fight to bring collective action, solidarity, and coordination.

Joining with activists

On 18 September, we joined with climate activists in Newcastle to raise awareness of the plight of our planet and the immediate need for action. People came together for a march and rally in the centre of the city to highlight the COP26 summit of world leaders on 6 November in Glasgow. It was wonderful to show our unity by collaboration across the ages.  We all want to bring support for immediate system change, with climate justice a priority.

It was an uplifting occasion with a wide range of activists from many areas of expertise. We learned that action needs to be taken now, that unions need to be at the forefront of change and that alliances across unions and pressure groups can get results.

Please support the campaign and get involved on 6 November in any way you can – if you’re not a member, join PCS. If you are a member, get active in your workplace to support climate justice. Let’s join together to show the government that climate justice matters and protect our planet before it’s too late.