10 May 2022

No time for cuts: DWP needs our members now more than ever

PCS rep Alison Fisher describes how she and her colleagues feel like they are being discarded as their jobs are at risk following the government's decision to close the DWP office in Gloucester where she works

We are campaigning to save our jobs and the public service we provide, following the department’s announcement in March that it intends to close more than 40 DWP offices including ours in Spa Road. We have written to our MP, Richard Graham, asking him to save our jobs.

The 48 PCS members work on the third floor of Cedar House and have been told their jobs are going, despite other government departments operating out of the other four floors of the building. 

The department is telling staff they can’t afford to keep them in the building, while keeping everyone else in there and mothballing the DWP floor. 

There is plenty of work for them to do, plenty of calls to take from the public and a service to provide. 

They have showed their flexibility over the years by turning their hands to any project they have been asked to take on.

Feeling discarded and unworthy

Many of the affected staff have more than 20 years’ service. They have made the civil service their career and shown loyal service yet are now feeling like they are being discarded and unworthy. 

DWP is not in a position to lose staff. Their skills, knowledge and expertise are invaluable and would take years to replace. With many factors making the economy fragile, DWP needs to rely on their loyal and experienced staff to continue to provide the high level of service like shown during the pandemic when overnight new customers who had never had to claim benefits before had to. 

We helped these customers through tough times, we were and continue to be there at times of need. 

My members are asking for help and support with their plight. Please support us and get behind our fight.

How you can support our campaign

Send a message of support to the group by emailing dwp@pcs.org.uk

Are you a member in need of help or support?