21 March 2022

We will fight to save DWP offices and jobs

PCS DWP Group President Martin Cavanagh says the union will fight against the 42 office closures and thousands of job cuts announced by the department and the government and calls on all members in the group to take part in our campaign

I was in Blackpool at the weekend to demonstrate outside Tory party conference over their savage attacks on workers’ rights, the welfare state and the cost-of-living crisis that is engulfing society.

As part of those attacks, last Thursday, the Department for Work and Pensions and the government announced the closure of 42 DWP offices. These are offices that administer vitally important benefits to the most vulnerable in society.

Our members in DWP have stood up like never before throughout the pandemic paying out record amounts of benefits at times when society genuinely needed us most. Now when it’s time for the country to recover economically, DWP and the government are placing 2-3,000 of our members’ jobs at risk. The closures will have a devastating impact on local communities, our members and on the services that they provide.

PCS is campaigning to fight for every single one of those 42 offices. Right now we are needed like never before. DWP has a critical role to play in processing benefits for those who need them and helping more people back into work. That is at risk if we have at less staff and fewer offices doing that vital work.

Support our members in DWP

Please support our members in DWP. They supported you and society in the last 2 years throughout the most difficult of crises, now they need your support.

This week PCS is holding a national meeting of all DWP branches when we will be asking them: what are the views of their members in those sites affected? And what are the views of the members in frontline jobcentres, who might be next in the pecking order for office closures?

Please get behind the campaign and every single member in the DWP group, regardless of whether you are in one of those 42 sites, should understand that the department and the government are placing their strategy and their agenda above our services, above your jobs and the role that you provide, and above our ability to help wider society. Support the campaign and watch out for meetings taking place. We are urging branches to organise critical meetings, face-to-face with members. This campaign is one we have to win, one we can win and collectively, with your support, we will do just that.

Solidarity to all those affected, the union has your back. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you throughout this vitally important campaign.

Send a message of support to the group by emailing dwp@pcs.org.uk

Are you a member in need of help or support?