5 March 2021

Why I voted yes in DVLA health and safety ballot

A member who works at the DVLA in Swansea shares why she voted yes in the PCS health and safety which ends at noon on 11 March

I voted yes for our health more than anything. No other place has had the amount of cases that we have – it's just screaming out how wrong it is. Health comes before money or anything. If you're not prepared to say ‘I'm not going risk my health for this’, I don't know what will motivate people more. 

If we don't get a yes vote, it’s going to send such a big message to the management that we will moan and groan but we won't actually do anything about it.

And this is not just for now, but for the future as well.  If we don't win this, and this is so important, when there's the next thing about pay or our conditions, or whatever they're going to take next, then what?

If you’ve not voted send off your ballot paper now so it reaches the independent scrutineers in time.

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