5 May 2021

Why I’m voting yes for improved pay at OCS

The PCS ballot of OCS members employed as security officers on the HMCTS security contract closes at noon tomorrow (6 May). One of our members explains why he’s voting yes for the improved pay offer that not only improves pay but also terms and conditions

When I started in the courts I was amazed at our hourly rate. Considering the role we did compared to jobcentres and event staff.

So when OCS took over the contract I had high hopes of a change in pay, seeing as they are a family company. Wow, was I shocked. Not only did our pay stay the same but OCS withdrew the pay rise we had been offered.

At this point I heard my union, PCS, had taken up the fight. A year later and somehow surviving on minimum wage, I can proudly say we have now got what we deserve and what we are worth.

Yes, the company will remain the same but knowing I'm being paid properly makes a difference. The amount of smiling faces and the change in atmosphere has been amazing.

Personally I would say to anyone, join a union, they fight for your rights and strive to improve the work place.

Make sure you vote either electronically, or have returned your ballot paper in the post to be received by no later than noon on Thursday, 6 May.