4 August 2021

Why our members are not backing down at DVLA

Sarah Evans, PCS DVLA Branch Chair, explains why our members are not backing down in their Covid safety dispute

Well, what a start to our latest strike. Our members never fail to amaze me with the support they show when we ask them. This support shows the agency that we're not backing down. That we can, are and will keep up the pressure as strongly now as we did on the very first day of strike action.

We know that the DVLA is trying to stop us taking strike action in as many ways as it can, including the offer of weekday incentivised overtime and the threat of deducting annual leave. We have challenged the deduction of leave since the very second we heard about it and last Friday we finally got confirmation from HR that there will be no deduction of leave.

Next week we will be launching our consultative ballot to every member in DVLA via email. The ballot marks an important stage in our dispute, assessing where we are and asking for a mandate from members about where we are going. Members will be asked about priorities for a deal to end the dispute and whether they would be in support of further strike action and action short of a strike. This is a consultative ballot, so it is really important that members give their opinion. It is not an industrial action ballot which is a legal requirement to take strike action. We cannot send the ballot to work email addresses. If you haven’t got a personal email address on record, please add one through PCS Digital or email PCS@DVLA.GOV.UK.

In the meantime, let’s make the DVLA dispute an issue that Grant Shapps can’t ignore, by signing this e-action: Keep DVLA staff safe: reduce numbers on site (e-activist.com) – it takes 2 minutes and can be signed by anyone so please share widely and send the message that it’s time for Shapps to listen to and end this dispute.

We have never been in a stronger position to force the DVLA back into negotiations. The more pressure we apply now, the quicker that will happen. We can and will win this dispute if we all persist and work together.

If you're a member and don't have a personal email address, we will send voting details to you through post to your home address.