26 August 2021

Why you should vote Yes in the consultative ballot at DVLA

Sarah explains why it is important to keep up the pressure to make DVLA workplaces safe and allow increased home-working.

You have until next Friday, 3 September to vote in our consultative ballot. The reason for the ballot is to gauge your feelings on what we do next with our ongoing dispute. It is important that you use your right as a member to let us know your current thoughts.

Over the last few weeks positive Covid cases on site have increased rapidly and despite PCS asking the Agency what they plan to do to tackle this they have told us that unless there is a proven cluster in the office then they will not be doing anything.

After what happened last September this approach is careless and dangerous. It shows insufficient care for our safety. Cases will increase, just as they did 12 months ago and that just seems to be the expected position within the DVLA. So it is incredibly important that we stand as strong now as we have done from the very start of the dispute. If we don’t make a stand for our safety and wellbeing it is clear the agency won’t.

I have received my balloting email and voted yes. I voted yes because it is clear to me that I am responsible for doing my part to ensure we can continue this fight for our safety. If we don’t do it, who will? If we could work from home, which we know is possible, then we would be safe and we would be doing our bit to ensure the backlogs are reduced. With rising cases on site and predictions of increased cases throughout the autumn, extending home working doesn’t just keep us safe but it would also safeguard the business from the disturbance of the ‘pingdemic’, where big swathes of staff have to isolate following a positive case on site.

I am urging you all to use your vote and respond to the consultative ballot which has been sent to every personal email address we have. I am also encouraging you to vote yes to further action. We are in a strong position, with a large active membership, and we need to know your strength of feeling about the dispute. In voting yes, you’re sending a message that members at the DVLA want to be kept safe at work and will continue the dispute to achieve that.

If you don’t have a personal email address registered with us or need to update it then you can do so by logging into PCS digital.