23 November 2021

Young members organising for change

Josh blogs about the priorities for young members and the importance of them getting involved in PCS.

I want to build on our ongoing campaigns and disputes, many of which have young members at their heart, such as the drive to bring outsourced workers back into the civil service. Young members need to be incorporated more into the wider political activity of the union, including fighting for lower rents and affordable housing.

Let’s end the two-tier workforce for apprentices and young staff! We have been let down with worse terms and conditions than our longer standing colleagues. We should be on the right grade and right pay for the work we do, and we need clear pay progression. We need a strategy to address this.

The union isn’t just committees like the national young members' committee, or even our reps. Our strategies and campaigns need to be led by you, the hundreds of thousands of members we have across the country. It’s up to us as young members to build a new culture and drive the union forward.

The first step to getting active is simple: get talking to other young people in your workplace, talking about what needs improving, and talking about the union.

From those conversations, we can then come together as young members and as part of the wider union and organise for that change.

To find out more about young members' meetings taking place in your region, contact youngmembers@pcs.org.uk.