4 May 2022

Bargaining report – Boeing Defence UK

David Geal reports on hybrid working, pay and redundancies.

Hybrid working
Boeing Defence UK (BDUK) staff have been provided with hybrid working details and line managers were issued with details to talk with their teams about various forms of hybrid working; various options have been taken up by members. This is a new process and PCS will be observing and working with BDUK senior management to identify and fix any issues which may occur.

Pay agreement has been reached to cover TUPE employees covered by the collective bargaining unit with effect from 1 March 2022. The pay agreement is for three years, from 1 March 2022 to 28 February 2025. This is subject to a floor and ceiling: 2% shift in CPI which is sustained for more than 2 consecutive months, then either party can recall discussions on % for year 2. This does not bind either side to change year 2 or 3 but commits to reopening discussions.

Individual pay awards will be matched to similar types of jobs in the market and determined by this as agreed.  Bonus allocation will be judged against performance as agreed with BDUK and PCS. These are also based on annually reviewed local market data. These may adjust every year due to market movement etc.

There is no talk of redundancies and business seems to be
going well.

David Geal, Boeing Defence UK