13 September 2021

Big pay and conditions improvements for Aramark members

PCS members working as catering staff for facilities management company Aramark have won significant improvements to pay and conditions. 

The gains include:

  • A 1.6% pay rise for all staff, backdated to 1 March. This will mean a new minimum pay rate of £10.92, which is above the Living Wage Foundation rate.
  • 1 day a year annual leave increase
  • An increase of 5 additional full sick pay days (taking everyone to 25 days in any 12-month period)
  • 6 months full pay for maternity leave – the same as civil servants
  • 2 weeks full pay paternity leave – the same as civil servants; and
  • Paid leave for training for things like improving skills to enable promotion and improve learning on topics wider than their direct roles.

The pay increase matches inflation and is above the Living Wage Foundation’s rate. The terms and conditions improvements are significant both in terms of the real impact for PCS members and because in some respects they bring outsourced workers in line with civil servants, a significant principle for PCS Union.

A PCS Aramark member said: “PCS is always fighting for better wages and conditions for us. This is much appreciated.”

With other members welcoming the deal and recognising our work throughout the pandemic to ensure they were paid in full.  

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