21 October 2021

Black History Month: “An opportunity to celebrate those whose shoulders we stand on”. 

Black History Month originated in the USA in 1926 by Carter G Woodson. It was introduced in the UK in 1987 and is celebrated every year, throughout the month of October.

The aim of Black History Month is to celebrate the achievements of black people from a historic and modern perspective and, crucially, provide an education programme and events which document and share the history and significant contribution of black people in the UK and globally. This is particularly important due to the erasure and retelling of history in the UK in a way that omits the contribution of black people.

This year’s theme is Proud to Be - with a focus on telling untold stories. PCS’s active national black members’ committee which advises the national executive committee on issues relating to black members has organised weekly events throughout October to mark Black History Month, plus a black history fact sheet and photo sheets. These resources can be accessed via your branch secretary or from equality@pcs.org.uk.

You can also visit the Black History Month UK official website for a resource pack and to find out about both virtual and physical events that you can engage in. 

Commenting on Black History Month, Zita Holbourne, PCS’s national vice president said “As an activist I spend my life campaigning against racism. Black History Month for me is every month but October provides an opportunity to learn and share our collective histories and stories, to reflect, to celebrate and honour those whose shoulders we stand on”.