6 August 2021

Brook Street agency staff to be offered contracts in DWP

Members initially employed via Brook Street recruitment agency have been offered the opportunity to transfer into the DWP on Direct Temporary Recruitment (DTR) contracts 

The offer of DTR employment to members employed via Brook Street has been following months of pressure and campaigning by the DWP group executive committee and demonstrates the clear value of being a union member, however we still have more we want to achieve for these members.

DTR means that members are not employed on permanent contracts. The DWP terms state:

  • The new offer is a temporary, non-fair and open contract from 2 August 2021 until March 2022. During this time you will be a civil servant and an employee of DWP.
  • What does non fair and open mean? This refers to a job which has not been advertised publicly. It means that whilst you can apply for external roles both within DWP and wider civil service you will not be eligible to apply for any internal roles.

PCS believes that all of the members brought into the department via the Brook Street agency should be offered permanent recruitment via an “open and fair” recruitment exercise and should be supported by the department to maximise their chances of being successful.

The best way to strengthen that argument is to grow the strength of the union by asking your colleagues to join.  With a strong union fighting on your behalf your interests at work will be best protected and extended. Ask any non-members you know to join today.