25 January 2022

Campaigning on pay in Mitie

PCS won better pay and conditions for Mitie workers in 2021 and has submitted a pay claim for 2022.

PCS is campaigning for better pay and conditions for all Mitie workers.

Our campaigns and negotiations achieved various gains in 2021.

Mitie in DWP - PCS members won the London Living Wage of £11.05 per hour plus a 2% pay increase for MSO and OSA staff on the Office Services contract. Cleaners were given the London Living Wage but no extra 2% because PCS is not recognised for the cleaning contract.

Mitie in Defence Hestia - PCS members won a minimum pay rate of £10 per hour on the Hestia contract. Those earning above £10 per hour but less than £24k won a 6% increase. Those earning over £24k FTE won a 4% pay increase.

Mitie in Cabinet office - PCS members in the Cabinet Office had their pay increased to the Living Wage. There was a pay award based on end of year performance for non-TUPE staff including ex Interserve of 2%, 3%, or 4%. The TUPE guards were given a pay rise of 2%, which will be paid in February.

In addition Mitie was found guilty of not paying the minimum wage and the government ordered them to pay some workers the payments that they were due.

For members working for Mitie in ex Foreign and Commonwealth Office there has been no pay increase yet for 2021, as Mitie keep postponing talks.

2022 Mitie pay claim

Mitie workers doing the same sort of job are on different levels of pay. PCS believes this is wrong and wants one set of pay talks for all Mitie contracts.

This year’s pay claim is:

  1. PCS recognition for all central government contracts
  2. One set of pay talks for all Mitie workers
  3. Cost of Living Rise to £9.90 nationally and £11.05 in London. Or an increase in line with inflation, plus 5%, whichever is the greater.
  4. A £500 Consolidated Increase
  5. Full occupational sick pay from day-one
  6. An Equal Pay Audit.

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