6 October 2021

Care Quality Commission pay questionnaire

In November 2020, the Chancellor announced as part of the Spending Review that there would be a temporary pause on pay rises for most public sector workforces in 2021/22, including the civil service. 

Whilst CQC are not contractual civil servants, it is an arm’s length body bound by the civil service pay guidelines and rules. So this makes this year exceptionally challenging.

The guidelines only allow for those colleagues on a full-time equivalent base pay of under £24,000 pa excluding overtime, to receive a consolidated pay award of £250. For those colleagues who would be eligible to receive an increase to the new National Living Wage rate of £8.91 an hour, they would receive the National Living Wage increase or £250, whichever is greater.

The arrangements for pay rises from promotion would continue unchanged as do overtime and payment of allowances at the current rate.

Whilst the scope of pay negotiations with TU colleagues is grades A-G, we have received confirmation that the pay pause rules are applicable to all grades including all Executive grades.

The joint trade unions have engaged with CQC over the pay award and wish to consult you on your opinion on pay. 

Please complete the online questionnaire.

All information given is strictly confidential and names will not be shared with the employer