27 April 2022

From the chair

Jackie Green introduces the first edition of PCS Women 2022 which includes articles relevant to our women members on pay, the menopause, pregnancy loss and returning to work after maternity leave

Hello, I am Jackie Green the PCS national vice president and chair of the national women’s forum. it is hard to believe how much time has passed since our last journal in October 2021.

Most of you reading will hopefully have attended annual general meetings (AGMs), been involved in phase one of the pay campaign and some of you will, all being well, attend the PCS annual delegate conference (ADC) either in person in Brighton or online, in May. ADC is a fantastic experience whether you are attending for the first time or have attended many times and it is very addictive. If you are attending in person, please do come and say hello to me.

ADC is where the national executive committee (NEC) takes its instructions from the ordinary members and representatives. This then sets out the plan of work for the NEC to deliver during the forthcoming year. It was from ADC 2021 that the PCS national women’s forum worked to bring Motion A47 on the menopause into a reality.

March was a busy month for the PCS national women’s forum. The forum held an online lunchtime session on 8 March for International Women’s Day on “Know your Rights on Menopause in the Workplace”. The event looked at multiple aspects of discrimination around the menopause and how to access support at work.

The PCS national women’s forum held four seminar sessions during Women’s History Month in March covering a wide range of topics affecting women, such as the impact of pay and pensions on women, women’s safety, intersectionality, and women’s health. The sessions heard from a wide range of speakers, such as Fran Heathcote, PCS national president and built on work the forum was leading on, on the menopause.

This edition covers the items you expressed an interest in and the importance of knowing your rights in the workplace. We cover pay, pregnancy and menopause recognising that while every woman’s journey is different there are policies in place to protect and support you. 

I hope you find the articles in the first edition of PCS Women 2022 helpful, for your own benefit but also for those members you might represent.