6 April 2022

Consultative ballot

Stephanie Landeryou updates us on the recent consultative ballot.

Thank you to all the members who recently voted in the consultative ballot. It was a good turnout and PCS members have delivered a huge yes vote to the union’s demands on pay and pensions and on their willingness to take action if negotiations do not deliver a fair deal. This vote on action is the highest in the union's history.

Consultative ballot result:

This was not a strike ballot, it asked members what action they would be prepared to take. We hope that the high vote on action will encourage ministers to take notice and provide the funds for a decent pay rise for us hard-working civil servants who have kept the country running during the pandemic.

The result is the second highest turnout for a national ballot in our history. 70,000 members took part in 246 separate employer areas across the UK.

Our campaign demands include a 10% pay rise and pensions justice. You have seen your living standards fall by around 20% in real terms in the last decade. The UK government acted unlawfully yet refuses to refund the money you have overpaid for pension contributions – members are £500 a year worse off on average.

The ballot took place at a time of rising concern over the cost-of-living crisis. Fuel, food, and transport cost increases are outstripping pay awards. We now face energy, council tax and National Insurance increases in April, exacerbating the crisis for many of our members and particularly the lowest paid.

Many members will see an annual cost-of-living increase of at least £3,271.20. This is based on average monthly increases of:

  • Food bill increase (spring inflation 8%) of £110.40
  • Energy bill increase (minimum 54%) of £60.48
  • Council tax up (3% increase) £56.95
  • Fuel increase £23.66
  • Monthly mortgage payment up (main interest rate increase 0.25%) £18.07
  • National Insurance contributions (average PCS salary £23,000) up £10.54
  • Water rates up (1.7% increase) £5.
  • Total monthly increase: £285.10


What’s next
The national executive committee will be meeting prior to Easter to analyse the participation of the ballot down to regional level to help shape the next course of action. We will issue a further update as soon as we have more information.

We need to make sure that all our contact details are up to date on PCS digital including your home address, personal email and mobile phone number. This will help us to easily keep you updated. Check your PCS personal details are correct on PCS Digital