20 October 2021

COP26 climate talks

Join our online event on 26 October to discuss why the climate talks matter to PCS members and to plan for the Global Day of Action.

In November, world leaders will meet in Glasgow to assess progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions since the Paris climate agreement in 2015. We already know that governments, including the UK and Scottish governments, aren’t doing enough, and we lack a fundamental plan on how we will meet the challenge of zero carbon by 2050.

PCS, along with the wider trade union movement, believes that climate change is a trade union issue and supports the call for a Just Transition, which means the protection of workers and communities as we decarbonise our economy. But in order to do this we need to know where we are going and what the impacts will be across the whole of the economy.

We believe that fundamental in addressing the climate crisis is the need for a plan that also addresses social and economic injustice. We see this in our industrial struggles to win on pay, terms and conditions, the scandal of fire and rehire work practices, and privatisation of our public services. The energy crisis is part of the climate crisis and there is no social just transition unless we restore energy, water, public transport, health and social care among others to full public ownership.

This is why PCS is calling on all members to get involved in your workplaces, branches and groups in building support for the COP26 Coalition Global Day of Action on 6 November.

We are holding a Facebook Live/Zoom meeting to discuss this and the union’s climate strategy on Tuesday 26 October at 6pm, chaired by PCS president Fran Heathcote and assistant general secretary John Moloney. It will also hear from PCS reps who are helping to organise trade union and worker blocs on the demonstrations, including Charlotte Smith, DfE rep in Manchester.

Please register on Eventbrite to receive an invitation to join the Zoom meeting or join on Facebook.