26 October 2021

COP26 climate talks and global day of action 6 November

Join our online event at 6pm today (26) to discuss why the climate talks matter to PCS members and to plan for the global day of action on 6 November.

World leaders who will meet in Glasgow for the climate talks – COP 26 – from this weekend are failing on the measures needed to tackle climate change, both in the UK and globally. The UK government’s recently published net zero 2050 strategy is meaningless without a plan for how this will be achieved and provide protections for workers and communities as we transition to a new decarbonised economy.

PCS believes that climate change is a trade union issue, but this is more than a question of science and technological fixes. We support solutions rooted in climate justice that address the climate crisis in terms of social, economic, and environmental injustice. The same injustice we see in our workplaces whether on pay, terms and conditions, the scandal of fire and rehire, and privatisation of our public services.

To find our more about our position and our 10 demands for the COP26 talks download and read our briefing for members.

To make our demands heard, we are calling on all members to take part, in Covid-safe ways, in the national demonstrations planned in Glasgow and across the country on 6 November. More details on actions near you can be found on the COP26 coalition website or for more trade union specific information, including trade union blocs on the demonstrations visit the WorkersClimateAction website

Finally, join the Facebook Live/Zoom meeting at 6pm today to discuss this and the union’s climate strategy.

Register on the Eventbrite website to receive an invitation to join the Zoom meeting or join on Facebook.