11 April 2022

Count on PCS to combat discrimination and prejudice at work

PCS represents people who work in the civil service or in the private sector on a government contract. We promote equality and tackle discrimination in the workplace, society and the wider world.

Trade unions have always been at the forefront of the struggle against racism and PCS has a strong record of campaigning for equality for everyone and against any discrimination and injustice affecting our members.

Some members need support overcoming discrimination and particular challenges in the workplace and the wider world and we are here for you. For support contact your PCS rep whose details you can find on PCS Digital.

We condemn the institutional racism that has led to black communities in the USA, the UK and globally, being fearful for their lives. We support our sister trade unions and other organisations and community groups in their campaigns for justice for victims of racism, for race equality and against all forms of racism.

PCS also campaigns to keep staff safe at work.

We want to see more people getting involved in our union to make it look more like you.

PCS runs 5 national forums for women, black, disabled, young and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members.

They aim to meet at least 3 times a year, with a remit to advise the national executive on policy and to exchange information and identify areas for guidance. For more information on what each forum does and how you can get involved, visit our equality section. Not a member? Join PCS online today and help make change happen.